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Cleaning the Slicer

1. Turn off and unplug the slicer from the wall outlet.
2. Turn the thickness control knob fully to the right.
3. Slide product table toward you.
4. Loosen the locking knob for the product table and remove. Since the pusher can slide or rotate, keep slicing table level.
5. Remove the center plate, slice deflector and sharpener.
6. Clean and sanitize removed parts. Wash these parts in hot water with detergent or put parts through dishwasher, rinse in hot water and rinse again in sanitizing solution. Let the parts air dry.

The stainless steel knife will corrode if not properly cleaned and maintained. To properly clean the knife:
* DO NOT use steel wool or steel wool type soap pads on the knife.
* DO NOT allow any food particles to remain on the knife.
* DO NOT use any other knife or metal objects to scrape stubborn deposits from knife.
* DO NOT leave the knife dirty for long periods of time. Clean AT LEAST once a day.

7. Clean the front side of the knife using a wet sponge, towel or brush. To avoid contact with cutting edge, WIPE FROM THE CENTER TO THE OUTER EDGE.
8. Clean backside of knife. Rotate knife downward with a sponge, towel or brush. Then wipe with an upward motion. Repeat until clean.
9. Clean the top of the gauge plate ONLY when it is in the closed position. Using a wet sponge or wet cleaning towel, wipe the gauge plate always going away from the knife.
10. Clean the knife box area with a cleaning brush.
11. Clean the slicer base using a cloth and cleaning solution. Rinse with hot water.
12. Rinse with clean water, sanitize and allow it to dry.
13. Reassemble removable parts that have been cleaned and sanitized.


1. After cleaning, the slicer must be sanitized to kill germs and bacteria.
2. Use only an approved sanitizing solution.
3. Sanitize slicer. Spray with sanitizing solution.



1. Remove the sharpener, and if applicable, unscrew the cover from the sharpener assembly. Clean the cover with water and detergent. Carefully clean around the stones.
2. Check the stones. If they do not turn freely, the sharpener stone shafts must be cleaned and oiled. If the stones are dirty and coated with food fats, they should be cleaned or replaced.
3. Oil the sharpener shafts. Place a few drops of Berkel oil on each shaft. Move the sharpening lever back and forth to make sure that the stones move in and out easily. Oil the mounting post.


1. Remove the stones from their shafts.

NOTE: In some cases, the sharpening stone is mounted on a left-hand threaded shaft. Turn nut clockwise to remove. The deburring stone is mounted on a standard right-hand threaded shaft. Turn nut counterclockwise to remove. Always use a nut and washer to secure the stones to the shaft.

2. Assemble sharpener with new stones.
3. Replace sharpener. Sharpener must be all the way down, protecting the top of the knife.


1. Place the stones in a solution of hot water and soap and allow them to soak for approximately one hour.
2. Remove the stones from the solution and brush clean with a stiff bristle brush (Berkel P/N 4975-09237)
3. Rinse the stones with water and dab with a towel to remove excess moisture.
4. Allow the stones to air dry until the next day. Ensure the stones are completely dry before using them.

NOTE: If stones have chips, cracks or metallic buildup that can't be cleaned, discard them.



1. The knife should be sharpened at least once a day when the slicer is cleaned and sanitized.
2. You should also sharpen the knife whenever you notice wavy slices or excess scrap.
3. The knife must be cleaned before and after sharpening.


1. Make sure the slicer is OFF.
2. On automatic slicers, make sure the shift lever is set to manual, not automatic.
3. Turn thickness control knob all the way to the right to close the gauge plate.
4. Slide the product table toward you.
5. Loosen the locking knob on the product table.
6. Remove the product table. Since the pusher can slide or rotate, keep product table level.
7. Set the sharpener into its sharpening position with one stone on each side of the knife.
8. On the economy slicers, you have separate buttons to push to sharpen and debur. On the mid-tier and premier slicers, one lever operates both the sharpening and deburring stones.
9. Turn the slicer ON. Hold the sharpening lever for approximately 5 to 10 seconds. Use moderate pressure. Release the sharpener lever. On the economy slicers, debur for approximately 2 seconds.
10. Turn the slicer OFF.
11. Return sharpener to storage postion.
12. After sharpening, clean and sanitize slicer as described above.

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